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Cordelia Dvorák played violine and viola since her early childhood and earned her first money as a violist in an operetta orchestra. Later she studied literature, philosophy and theater in Munich and Paris, as well as photography at the Ostkreuz School in Berlin.

She is the author, director and (co)producer of award-winning, international documentary film productions and has also worked as a director, set- and costume designer in numerous opera, theater and dance productions (including the Kammerspiele Munich, the Staatstheater Stuttgart, the Grand Théatre de Bordueax, the Opéra de Lausanne, the Teatro Sao Carlos in Lisbon and the National Reisopera in the Netherlands).

In 2005 she founded the Theater-Cia Miranda in Mexico City, where she lived for more than ten years and  developed and produced own theater-plays, which had several seasons at the Teatro Helénico and were invited to numerous international festivals. In cooperation with the Goethe Institute she was invited to international workshops and masterclasses and has held various guest professorships  for Visual Dramaturgy (amongst others at the UDK Berlin, at the Instituto de Bellas Artes and the Universidád Claustro de Sor Juana, as well as the CUT and CENTRO in Mexico City, at the Montlcairs State University New York, at the Academy for Visual Arts in Hong Kong and the Centro Andaluz de Teatro in  Seville).

She is a member of the juryFICG Festival International de Cine in Guadalajara, Mexico, desIt's all True Film Festival in Sao Paulo, and the International Festival for Contemporary Art and Animation, Olomoucs, CS.

As a guest author she writes for the FAZ, DIE ZEIT, DEUTSCHE BÜHNE and the AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL.

After living & working in Paris, Milan and Mexico City, Cordelia Dvorák lives now primarily in Berlin.



philosophy, literature, theatre & art history in Paris and Munich

photography at the Ostkreuzschule, Berlin



script2film program Mediterranean Filminstitute

CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator

Female artist scholarship for Film- and Video-Art Berliner Senat

Scholarship Berlin Senate for International Cultural Exchange

International curators scholarship of the Goethe Institute for Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexiko

Playwright-scholarship Vassar College Poughkeepsie / New York

Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes FONCA / Mexico

Fundación Bancomer / México City

Excellence program for art-professorship / UDK Berlin


lecturer and visiting professor

UDK Berlin University of the Arts

Montclair States University / New York

Academy of Performing Arts / Hong Kong

CAT Centro Andaluz de Teatro / Seville

Instituto Nacional de Bellas Arte, Mexico City

Universidád Claustro de Sor Juana / México City

CUT Centro Universitario de Teatro / México City

Centro School of Film, Television and FashionMéxico City



in coproduction with BBC, Arte, ZDF, NDR, Avrotros, France3, SVT, SRF, Radio Canada, TV Unam

Canal22, DEFA, CNC, PROCIREP, Mémorial de la Shoa, Federal Center for Political Education a.m.o.


  • Man muss nur überleben - the composer Berthold Goldschmidt / 1996

  • Herbert Wernicke or the Geometry of the Opera / 1998

  • Peter Greenaway - a horse drama / 2002

  • Bailar para vivir - Salon Mexico / 2004

  • Visiones desde la memoria: the female view from Latin America; Video installation

        in collaboration with the Gallery for Contemporary Art GAK, the Federal Center for Political Education and the Goethe Institute / 2010

  • John Berger or The of looking - John Berger ou la mémoire du regard / 2016

  • Marceline. A woman. A century / 2018


festival invitations

Idfa Amsterdam / Doc Leipzig / Hotdocs Toronto / DOKfest Munich / Kassel Film Festival

Thessaloniki Film Festival / Ethnocineca Vienna / Mostra de Cine São Paulo / FICG Guadalajára, Méxiko

Big Sky Film Festival Montana, USA / Sarasota Film Festival, California / Through Women's Eyes Film Festival San Francisco

Cinéma Vérité Teheran / Festival International du Film sur l'Art FIFA, Montreal / É Toudo Verdade Festival Rio & São Paulo

International Festival for Contemporary Art and Animation, Olmouc, CS / EPOS TelAviv Festival for the Arts

Jewish Filmfestival New York / Jewish Filmfestival UK / Manaki Brothers Cinematographers Fimfestival / Channia Filmfestival

Écrans de Chine, Paris / Documentarist IDF Istanbul / New Zealand IFF / Festival Étonnants Voyageurs St. Malo, France


jury member

International ocumentary Film Festival It's all True São Paolo

Festival Internacional de Cine Guadalajára, Mexico

International Festival for Contemporary Art and Animation, Olomouc, CS


theatre, opera and dance productions

Kammerspiele Munich

Staatstheater Stuttgart

Opéra de Bordeaux

Grand Théâtre Lausanne

São Carlos Opera Lisbon

Nationale Reisopera, The Netherlands

HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin

Kulturbahnhof Basel

Teatro Helénico Mexico City


theatre plays

Pessoas Patiencen, 2005

Un Mambo con La Catrina, 2009

Ulissas, mujeres urgentes, 2010

Ulissas-Odyssas, 2020



Palacio Bellas Artes, Mexico City

Museo de la Memoria, Santiago de Chile

Ciutadela, Mexico City

GAK Society for Contemporary Art, Bremen

H2O Berlin

Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin

Bethanien, Berlin

Quadriennale Prague


Passione Teatrale - Giorgio Strehler und das Theater, Henschel Verlag, Berlin, 1998

Eine unendliche Reise - Neue Theaterstücke aus Mexiko, Theater der Zeit, 2004

Le choix de la cuisine, in: Brecht aprés la chutte / confessiones, mémoires, analyses, L'Arche, Paris, 2005

On Art, Politics and Motorbikes: John Berger in Dialogue (in preparation)

guest author and columnist

10vor8 / FAZ

10nach8 / DIE Zeit: Frauen schreiben. persönlich.politisch.polemisch


Art Value

Amnesty International Journal

Deutsche Bühne

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